• Stay ahead the competition
    with our telematic solutions

    GPS4NET solutions are intuitive to use, highly configurable, but the goal is to ensure that the precise requirements are met and the right information is delivered to the right people at the right time.

    There is a growing business need for telematics to be implemented across various business sectors including personnel management, risk management, environmental measurement, customer service, and finance. However the market insight is essential when meeting customer requirements and building competitive strategies.

    GPS4NET solutions are intuitive to use, highly configurable, but the goal is to ensure that the precise requirements are met and the right information is delivered to the right people at the right time.

    This experience is determinant in our industry which enables us to offer
    our customers proven deployment methodology, the benchmarking of fleets
    and the adoption of best-practices gained from experience of major
    implementations made during the time.
  • Genuine GPS & Telematic Hardware

    GPS4NET is researching and developing genuine hardware solution for various business fields.
    The products are highly featured and includes advanced capabilities above the average products
    available on the market.

    The current product portfolio includes:
    • GPS Trackers with GSM and Satellite connectivity integrating an optimized RTOS
    • Interface for Personal Navigation System (PND) GARMIN products offering direction and messaging for the drivers
    • Telematic interfaces for CAN-bus, J-bus and OBD2 providing interaction with vehicle's electrical system and engine
    • Industrial and M2M sensors with CAN and radio connectivity for custom industrial applications
    • Active-RFID solutions for long range communication and low-power consume
    • OEM design and production of fully customized products according to the customer's specifications

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  • Professional Fleet Management
    server platform

    G4NAVL is a professional Fleet Management solution designed for multiple business

    This is a modular Web-based server platform capable of handling mission critical applications.

    The platform provides:
    • An extensive suite of reports enabling to improve the efficiency and productivity of vehicles, plant and mobile assets
    • Driver behaviour reports and automatic driver identification enables to manage the driving habits
    • Whenever an emergency alarm is activated the managers receive messages including detailed GPS location and status for immediate assistance
    • Sustain long-term investments by controlling operational costs of fuel usage and energy consumption
    • Display the real-time status and location of vehicles and mobile teams in a
      meaningful way at the office or in the field on your computer

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OEM Module

G4N01SOK allow developers to add wireless communication & telematics to their products with a minimum of development time and expense.

The module feature universal socket formfactor, equipped with an embedded ROTS with an advanced command stack that has the intelligence to manage the connectivity for mission critical applications and enhanced M2M functionality.

These communication device feature GPS, J1939, J1708 and GPRS connectivity and provide packet data up to 85.6K bps, plus an embedded M3 Cortex application CPU for third-party software development.

It is provided as fast replacement for GSM communication modules and as well as for custom made GPS asset trackers, vehicle trackers or special telematic devices that requires a build-in RTOS fully featured for CAN-bus connectivity and advanced data acquisition and transmission.

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Platform 3

The evolution of GPS4NET telematics technology has arrived at Platform3, more powerful and better assisted by the new GPS AMY-6 core from U-Blox, along with one of the best GPRS modems from Telit the GL865-Quad.

Platform3 means an evolution in terms of short range radio communication by migrating from 2.4Ghz to 865Mhz and increasing the range over 1 Km and the datarate up to 265kbps.

New algorithms for CAN and RS485 have been embedded for maximizing the communication compatibility with utility vehicles. Driving behaviour and eCall applications are integrated into the new version of the RTOS.

A major improvement of Platform3 is the management of a Dual-SIM communication over multiple GSM service providers.

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Compact GPS tracker

G4N30GPS is a brand new GPS GPRS tracker materializing the Platform3 concepts. It is designed to respond to a wide range of tracking and asset tracking application.

The new ISM900 communication interface is powering the advanced features for Active RFID, remote ignition control and GSM communication replacement. The device is equipped with a 3D acceleration sensor that enables the features for driver behavior control and eCall.

In order to respond to the current low-power demands, G4N30GPS is accepting an external backup battery and was designed for a heavy duty operation up to 5 years in stand-by mode.

By being equipped with the latest GPS AMY-6 engine from U-Blox and the latest GPRS modem GL865 from Telit, this tracking devices benefits from the highest quality components and ensure maximum reliability and a very long life-cycle.

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