• gps4net small to medium business solutions
    Small businesses often face a variety of problems related to size and frequent challenges such as funding or economic conditions. These constant challenges lead to different demands coming from a small owner-managed business. For these scenarios GPS4NET offer a range of tailored solutions to shape and meet specific SME business requirements.

    Smaller business operations can benefit greatly from the logistical improvements provided by the implementation of telematics solutions such as vehicle tracking and electronic reporting, driver performance monitoring, stolen vehicle shut-down and recovery, remote diagnostics of vehicle components such as the engine (to determine maintenance needs and report problems before they become critical).

    The key for small business operations is to leverage economies of scale gained from a telematics in order to reduce life-cycle costs, including hardware and monthly communications fees.

    This knowledge allows GPS4NET to understand both large scale and small scale operational requirements that can deliver a proper telematics solution with the minimum costs and a quick return on investment.

    Major benefits to SME’s:

    • Configurable products designed specifically to meet specific organizational needs
    • Robust technology platform that provides the complete security and stability
    • Range of financing options that are tailored to suit organizational needs
  • gps4net logistics and transport solutions
    In the current state of global economy the businesses are placed under increasing pressure to become more competitive. This goal is achievable by cutting costs, increasing revenue and boosting profits and at the same time is mandatory to comply with legislation, protect employees and assets. As a direct result, transport operators are increasingly looking to telematics solutions to help address these management issues, gain better control of transport and deliver savings and efficiencies throughout the supply chain.

    GPS4NET’s extensive experience in telematics has led to develop solutions that approach issues such as rises in fuel costs and new legislation, whilst meeting market pressures by raising productivity and profitability. Through expansive know-how, GPS4NET have assisted businesses to gain control of their fleet operations, increase efficiency and improve productivity.

    GPS4NET has developed business solutions that monitor and document, to help streamline operations and reduce the legal risks. GPS4NET’s modular telematics application is helping thousands of businesses across Europe to improve operational efficiency, reduce transport costs, reduce planning time and raise customer service levels, and in the same time to consistently underpin their business growth objectives.

    Major benefits to transport and logistics operations:

    • Significant operational cost savings though the implementation of enhanced fleet management solutions
    • Enhanced customer satisfaction through efficient operational management
    • Reduced fuel expenses and vehicle maintenance costs by monitoring vehicle performance and driving style
    • Improved asset and employee safety by ensuring legislative compliance
  • gps4net field service management solutions
    The management of mobile resources is a crucial part of any field service operation. GPS4NET’s range of mobile working solutions can significantly enhance customer service, reduce costs and improve overall business performance.

    GPS4NET’s powerful end-to-end mobile resource management solutions integrated with Garmin Navigation system are designed to help businesses optimize fleet performance and the service delivery process by automating the management of assets and mobile workers in the field. GPS4NET’s modular applications assist fleet operators and field service providers by the reduction of operational costs, whilst increasing mobile worker productivity and customer service by providing complete visibility of how field operations are performing. GPS4NET’s combined intelligent scheduling,real-time alarming, advanced vehicle tracking, diagnostics and mobility technologies allows businesses to deliver important cost savings.

    GPS4NET understands the needs of businesses running large field-based workforce and deploys solutions specifically to meet these challenges.

    Major benefits to transport and logistics operations:

    • Add value to existing back office systems through integration with an integrated mobile workforce solutions
    • Real-time GPS vehicle, fleet and mobile asset tracking
    • Fully modular, scalable, vehicle tracking and management information solutions
    • Strategic consultative approach to better manage operational efficiency
    • Rapid return on investment through enhanced reporting and scheduling software realizing cost reduction
  • gps4net asset tracking solutions
    Supply chains in particular rely on the vehicle, trailer and transport media fleets, which should be managed efficiently to ensure that the consignment is carried on the right vehicle and to the right location at the right time. GPS4NET’s enhanced telematics solutions provide comprehensive tracking and security controls conceived to deliver a performant fleet management activity and to extend the asset management systems across the transportation fleet.

    GPS4NET modular application have been designed with in-depth knowledge and expertise of the transport industry by professionals who have first-hand knowledge of the transport and logistics industry. With solutions to fit around customer products and professional services, our powerful solution provides unique integrated planning, scheduling and management system that enables reduction in operational costs, improve efficiencies, increase customer satisfaction and are suitable for most types of transport operations.

    To maximize the return on investment, it is important to align organizational responsibilities and procedures with the objectives behind the introduction of new transport systems. GPS4NET has worked with leading customers to develop and evolve the telematics solutions, in order to provide a unique suite of fleet tracking tools. Customers greatly benefit from our enhanced telematics platform, giving the fastest possible route to the achievement of business benefit.

    Major benefits to transport operations:

    • Manage assets in real-time with the monitoring dashboard
    • Tighten security and asset control, reduce theft and unauthorized use with alerts and notiļ¬cations
    • Manage assets at remote locations, or quickly locate an asset within a zone
    • Improve service and maintenance control measures to minimize asset down-time and lost man-hours due to unavailability of required assets
  • gps4net public sector specialists
    Vehicle fleets play a pivotal role within many public services, whether is waste management, highways, gritting, street cleansing or housing maintenance services. Vehicle telematics can improve efficiency and improve service whilst monitoring performance and adhering to legislative or legal requirements.

    The public sector has a higher rate of lone workers than most other sectors and being able to provide mobile workers with a safe working environment and equally fulfilling Duty of Care is essential.

    Managing the impact on the environment and monitoring carbon emissions is a key issue and organizations need to demonstrate a higher level of interest in decreasing emissions. GPS4NET have developed leading edge technology that calculates a vehicle’s fuel consume and by utilizing our fleet reports drivers are encouraged to use more professional driving practices.

    GPS4NET have developed innovative telematics solutions to inform in real-time when a security issues arises in order to ensure a maximum support response for the workers on the field.

    GPS4NET’s vehicle management and tracking solutions have helped organizations to take control of their fleet, increase efficiency and improve productivity.

    Major benefits to the public sector organizations:

    • Automate processes and improve productivity
    • Ensure compliance with regulatory requirements
    • Fulfill Duty of Care obligations across the organization
    • Establish real-time monitor and alarms in order to provide employees support and security
    • Proactively manage fuel consume and reduce vehicle's operational costs