gps4net technical support

Unlike many of its competitors, GPS4NET developed its own RTOS and command stack, short-range network protocols, CAN-bus & J-bus protocols and brand specific decoding, own encryption algorithms and the Fleet Management server application and GIS services. As the sole owner of its telematics solution, GPS4NET can work with its customers to align modules and components with the requirements of individual applications or markets in the shortest possible time. The flexibility afforded by the total control over the entire telematics solution and its components, allows GPS4NET to respond quickly to individual needs, while distributors and end-users benefit from the rapid market launch of products and services.

All products in GPS4NET's portfolio are based on a common platform that includes extended functionalities that are available to system integrators at no additional cost. GPS4NET ensures compatibility between products maintaining the same core features over different product generations while continuously improving the functionality by adding new features to the global firmware and hardware package.

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No matter what products companies are selling or what type of services they provide, offering an appropriate level of customer support is crucial for competitiveness and for creating a loyal customer base. As there always will be customers looking for help, taking advantage of our powerful help desk service to manage the online requests will help ensure the customer's satisfaction and an effectively running business.

Premium FOTA Management

As one of the first players to do so, GPS4NET has enhanced its existing service portfolio with a new service concept: the Perpetuum FOTA Service. The primary target of this offering is the simplification of the solution deployment and maintenance of device's firmware.

The integrated FOTA management provides an industry standard over-the-air update capability as a cost-effective, quick, secure, and reliable solution. This service eliminates the need for the device to be upgraded in the field, reduces time and cost associated with field maintenance, and is a necessary requirement for customers that have products with long life-cycles.

Since product life-cycles on the AVL & Telematics markets are between five and ten years, this upgrade functionality is particularly important. Perpetuum FOTA Management therefore significantly reduces the need for physical updates in the field to zero and therefore helps to optimize the total cost of ownership. Perpetuum FOTA Management Services are available for all GSM/GPRS/UMTS/LTE products powered with latest software version.

Extended Hardware Warranty

The Extended Hardware Warranty scheme addresses the increasingly complex requirements of telematics applications. This gives customers the option of extending their hardware warranty by up to four years and helps them to extend the lifetime of their products while protecting their investments and saving money. Extended Hardware Warranty Services are available for all GPS4NET products.